December 11, 2013

Four years with Dan

Dan and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary last week (!) which is one of the most astounding things ever. We went to benu and partook in some extremely delicious food. These grainy iPhone 4 pictures completely do not do it justice, but I wanted to share anyway because this was the best meal I've ever had.

It was a tasting menu with the most innovative, crazy dishes. My favorites are above: the lobster xiao long bao, the most delectable quail, and a melt-in-your-mouth beef dish. We ended the evening with a really lovely salted caramel mousse cake thing that was so crazy good. (This, by the way, was only 1/8th of everything we ate that night!)

The thing I loved most about benu was how so many of the dishes reminded me of home, but with a twist of something very special and definitely way more delicious. It was surprising and familiar at the very same time. And everything was impeccable -- from the service to all the little surprises.

I also really can't believe it's been four years -- long years of getting each other through college and finding jobs and finally settling down in the city. I am so lucky to have my best friend with me through this journey of growing up :)

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