November 22, 2013

Tips for buying + selling at Crossroads Trading

One of my favorite places to shop at is Crossroads Trading Co, which is a store where you can purchase secondhand clothes at a steep discount and sell your old clothes to them for store credit or cash. Especially with holiday season coming up and all the party dresses that you need to get, I think Crossroads is a great alternative to duking it out at a regular retail store and possibly wearing the same thing as someone else at a party!

Firstly: is shopping at Crossroads worth it?

Scored at Crossroads

The answer is an resounding YES. The above are some of my favorite scores at Crossroads -- a pair of J Crew black patent Valentina pumps ($30), Reed Krakoff grey shift dress ($45), Marc by Marc navy songbird dress ($75 with tags on !!), Sam Edelman Petty booties ($32), Madewell silk skirt ($35).

My one big tip for shopping at Crossroads is always head for the designer rack. They usually have a designated rack by the check out counter, and they also always hang their best stuff around the store - I found all the apparel above hanging, and you always manage to score better deals because people tend to sieve through the racks before they look up. Designer/ contemporary at Crossroads is always so much more worth it than regular stuff from H&M or Gap because the percentage of the original price you pay is so much lower! I have never seen anything above $100 for even designer apparel.

For selling at Crossroads, my major tip is to actually shop the store. I've had best success when I like many items in the store; it means that you have similar taste to the buyers and they'll be more likely to buy your stuff. Every store is different - I love both stores in Berkeley, but I know that the store on Shattuck is usually more likely to take my stuff, because the store on College offers higher end merchandise.

The best part about being a Crossroads shopper is how down right virtuous I feel after shopping there - I usually sell clothes for store credit, and it feels like I'm exchanging clothes for better ones, especially stuff that I've outgrown.

I feel like I'm reliving the glory days of Crossroads shopping! Haven't found my to-go Crossroads here in the city yet. Any recommendations, or any great buys you've gotten from Crossroads?

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