November 27, 2013

Favorite brunch places in San Francisco (at the moment)

Daniel and I have a tiny little brunch addiction. We've only gone out to brunch every weekend since I started getting weekends off again, and that's usually our only stop out of bed that day. I know.

We are super into Asian Fusion cuisine, and brunch is no exception. I love the traditional goodness of brunch at a French bakery, but sometimes you just need to explore a little. Here are 3 places that have not disappointed:

This place is in the Marina, and Dan frogmarched me in here when we went because there are so many distracting brunch places in the area. Blackwood serves Thai/American fusion, and oh my word, their eggs benedict are to die for. I can't remember which benedict I got, but it had a Thai chili hollandaise sauce and it was all kinds of spicy deliciousness.

Image via their online ordering system

The next time I go, I will be trying out their millionaire's bacon, and the BW Stone Pot, which is like Bibimbap on crack, seriously. It is all sizzling hot pot goodness, and Dan almost stole a fellow diner's meal off their table when he saw it arrive.

It would be nice to say I'm joking, but friends who know Dan in real life... you know I can't.

Four words: spam and cheese waffles.

Take a moment to imagine the awesomeness of that combination. It is truly magical - Grindz serves Hawaiian-inspired meals (hence the presence of spam in 75% of their menu), and the waffles are incredibly light, fluffy, and darn delicious when doused with their accompanying organic maple syrup.

Everything on the menu looks to die for, but unfortunately I can't recommend the spam musubi -- I thought that the rice/ spam ratio was a little uneven in favor of the rice, and couldn't really taste much flavor compared to the awesomeness of the waffles. In the future I'll be getting the chicken and waffles combo. Predicting it will be a mind blowing brunch moment.

Possibly the best part about this place is that they are located right next to a Goodwill, where I scored a pair of brown leather oxfords for a mere $8. Shopping + food = magic.

Sweet Maple
The wait for this place on weekends is insane. Good thing they serve coffee and this delicious strawberry-orange-lemon water while you wait, and provide you with a huge range of magazines to peruse. Sweet Maple is pretty large, and we got a seat fairly quickly.

The highlight of this meal was the millionaire's bacon:

It's basically thick slabs of bacon fried in maple syrup and chili flakes and it is DIVINE. Above is a image of Dan's meal, which is a heart attack waiting to happen. Deep fried french toast, sunny side up eggs, and 2 slices of millionaire's bacon. I had the Hass benedict, which was a delicious bacon, avocado and chipotle hollandaise sauce benedict. Oh my word - so good.

Any other brunch places we should check out in SF?

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