November 29, 2013

Coats perfect for Fall

I don't know what it is this season - I think it may be the sigh of relief that comes with knowing where you're going to be next year, and that yes, it is going to be cold - but I'm completely obsessed with buying coats. They just take a look to the next level and SF is freezing all the time, so a warm coat you love is such a staple. I've been wearing an army green parka from Old Navy for the past year or so, and it's pretty casual and cool on a lot of outfits, but doesn't exactly scream professional. That was fine when I was a student, but now I've been gravitating towards slightly oversized, boyfriend coats. With a popped collar, a la the ever-chic Alexa Chung.

Below, some coats I'e been obsessing over:

Fall coats

SheInside houndstooth coat ($39) I had already bought my coat this season before I saw it and literally could not get it out of my mind. Houndstooth, oversized, boxy. This coat is perfection. If you're into the black and white but need something a little sooner (or are skeptical of Chinese websites like that, which was a huge barrier to purchase for me too), this Mango coat at $150 is also another great option.

Zara mustard wool coat ($119) Mustard in my book is a neutral. Love the shape and totally in love with the color.

Forever 21 contrast sleeve down jacket ($55) This is one chic down jacket! I love the contrast sleeves and how it's like an updated version of the varsity jacket for a girl who needs to be warm and/or wear this to work. The length, the muted palette, the downright awesomeness at an incredible price makes this a winner.

Zara cape ($189) This cape breaks my heart, you guys. I can't afford a $190 cape, as much as I love the leather detailing and the very fact that it is a cape. I've wanted one for so long and never took the plunge but this is calling to me, like a siren into its warm capey goodness. This is a cheaper alternative in tweed from Dorothy Perkins at a more acceptable $79, but the heart wants what the heart wants.

Uniqlo burgundy funnel coat ($100) I have this, I love this, I feel like a J Crew model in this (without the cray J Crew price). Unexpectedly super warm and I love hiding my face in the tall collar. This deep shade of burgundy is also such a nice added color without being too in-your-face and it's just so grown up and perfect for the office.

SheInside mint coat ($50) Pastel coats have been really big this season and I love this pale shade of mint. The slightly oversized shape cancels out any prissiness from the mint color, and this would also be great for transitioning into the spring.

I think these are some great, fresh coat options (I mean, how many black pea coats can one own?) (the answer in my case is: none. Oops.) perfect for the Fall or, if you live in the Bay, perfect for all year round.

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  1. Yes that is really perfect coats for me but am wanting see more model or color.We are all time want pink color and pure black color coats here.