September 11, 2013

Fall capsule wardrobe: boy style

Back with a new installment of a capsule wardrobe for boy style: the Fall edition (previous summer edition here)! This was highly requested (by one person, haha), but I found it extremely challenging to provide a Fall style blog post for men that was actually useful and not "go buy a well-fitting pair of pants." We're focusing on casual wear instead of business wear because, let's be real, I'm just going to point you in the direction of Brooks Brothers or the J.Crew men's store anyway; I know nothing about suits and ties except that boys look 200% better in one.

So swapping out the "extras" for a slightly more stylish Fall is what I came up with. The basics remain the same - button up shirts, cotton tees, jeans, khakis, etc. But mere clothes do not an outfit make, and my suggestions fall into 3 categories: outerwear, shoes, and colors.

men's casual fall

Outerwear: J.Crew cotton-cashmere sweater ($78), Uniqlo ultra-light down vest ($49.90), Eddie Bauer jacket ($199)
Shoes: Sperry Topsider oxfords ($72), H&M suede desert boots ($80), Lord & Taylor leather monkstrap shoes ($110)

Shawl-collar sweater. This J.Crew sweater might not look like much in this picture, but in real life it is soft and adorable. I think the shawl collar adds some interest without coming across too WASPy or fratty, and it levels up the ordinary wool sweater with a little collar extra without being too over the top.

Down vest. Daniel, I think it is fair to say, is obsessed with his Uniqlo ULD vest. He wears it almost everyday to work and it adds warmth without bulk, goes with virtually everything, and adds a little sporty touch to a regular Brooks Brothers button up and pants. I like this vest because let's face it, I'm obsessed with Uniqlo and I know that this vest is awesome.

Army jacket. I think that any army green jacket would be fine, but I like this Eddie Bauer one because it sounds fancy and very multi-functional. Like if you worked for a major oil company and went fishing on the weekends, for example. I think this would be a good jacket for you ;) Army green goes with everything. It makes every outfit look more put together and therefore more awesome. I really have no idea why more people don't wear army green jackets.

Oxfords with colored soles. Pretty sure this trend has passed but you know what? I don't care. I love this look. I think it's such a fun way to jazz up shoes without going too crazy. I especially like this navy/orange combo. Also think this goes with everything, and would look amazing with the grey sweater, a dark pair of jeans, and some shades.

Desert boots. Fall classic. I think every boy should run out and get one of these. These are pretty affordable from H&M and are real suede; the taupe color means it goes with everything.

Monkstrap shoes. When I first saw the name I thought it was a joke. How much more pleasant that it turned out to be an awesome style of shoes? My boss has a pair like this, I think it's so much cooler and more unique than a regular pair of lace ups or oxfords. I really like the dark brown color on this pair, and think it will look really nice at work too, depending on how the leather holds up and looks in real life.

And finally - color. Jewel tones are perfect for the Fall and aren't just for the ladies! I think a pop of dark purple would be nice as a shirt or a sweater - it's muted enough so that it doesn't come across as overly effeminate, and goes really nicely with all the other colors like navy, dark green, and grey.

I hope this was somewhat helpful and please let me know if you have any other style conundrums!


  1. Great post!

    xx Alecia with

  2. oh my husband would love those shoes.. all of them!

  3. Hi gen! Can you do a capsule wardrobe post for those just starting work? I mean obviously, buying a whole new wardrobe is pretty expensive, so just curious to see what basics you would pick as a starting point! (since I love your taste!)