August 16, 2013

Resolution check-in: August

I've previously written about my resolutions this year, which were to keep myself more accountable to being more creative, to taking better care of myself and my body, and to saying yes even to situations that make me uncomfortable.

1) Learn something creative every month
I've fallen so behind on this unfortunately! The one thing I'm really proud of though, is how much DEEPER I'm going into my creative pursuits. I'm taking more time with this blog and I'm writing poetry at least 3 times a week. Writing so much (more than I used to at least) has really changed the way I view the world - I take more time with words. My favorite quote from high school philosophy class was Wittgenstein's, "the limits of my language mean the limits of my world," and in many ways this has become more real to me as I write and find the words to describe my experiences living in this strange world. There is so much more beauty in the world the more we speak it into being.

This month: I want to spend more time disconnected from the world and with myself. I want to focus on writing EVERYDAY, no matter how tired or stressed or not in the mood I am. I also want to focus on practicing calligraphy, at least 1-2 times a week!

2) Start treating my body as a priority
This I have to say I have almost completely NOT worked on. This month though I want to bring more lunches to work (I need to build my savings up to move to San Francisco!), maybe run a little more (ha), and hike at least twice a month!

Actually I have been hiking. Just not as much as I did when my job wasn't so crazy.

3) Say YES
I have. I think beyond saying yes though, is also saying yes to opening up of yourself to someone else, to accepting help from others BEFORE you're on the brink of collapse, and offering yourself to others before they ask. I want to work on being a better person - specifically in complaining less, actually helping when I see that others need help, and being better at calling my family or keeping in touch with them.

And finally:
I think the quote above really sums up how I want to be in the next half of this year - more PRESENT. I have found myself drifting off when people are talking, like thinking about work/ what I need to do next/ FOOD. But I think the best gift of all is that of ATTENTION, and I don't really like the kind of person I'm becoming with regards to this.

What are your goals for the last half of the year? How can we work towards being a better version of ourselves?

Image from Thorn and Sparrow

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