August 21, 2013

One thing last week: SF segway tour!

Dan's birthday is coming up but he will be in Virginia for training, so we decided to celebrate his birthday a weekend in advance. I had originally planned an entire day of cool activities, but Stuff Happened as they are wont to do, and we ended up having a late brunch at Art's for hashbrown sandwiches and to the Golden Gate park to walk around and say hi to the bison.

And then came the surprise!

Everytime we saw people on segways whiz (ha ha) about the city, I had always commented how dumb they looked, and Dan had always talked about how much he wanted to ride a segway, how cool segway technology was, etc. This year I couldn't figure out a good present to give him, so decided to gift him a segway tour around the city. I booked a night tour of Chinatown and Fisherman's Wharf and here are some pics:

We look like an intimidating army (not really), but a quick review: I really enjoyed the tour but it could be because we are actually from the Bay Area, but nothing the guide said was particularly new (unlike the SF walking tours! I always learn something new and cool from those). The tour was not cheap, but I think it was worth it for Dan's expression when he realized we were taking a segway tour and for the experience of actually riding the segway. It's a really cool machine that was a little scary to get used to intially, but after a while it was really awesome to climb hills so effortlessly.

And then we had a late and fabulous dinner at Cotogna on Jeff's recommendation - be sure to ask for the focaccia bread at the start and get the corn triangoli. Those were our favorite dishes of the night.

Can't wait to move to SF for more fun SF adventures!!

Last 2 pictures from the SF Segway Tours Facebook page.

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