August 12, 2013

One thing a few weeks ago: Camping!

Around 3 weeks ago, I went camping with a couple of friends who were plenty more adept at building tents, hiking, and cooking food that they caught with their bare hands than I am. We chose the relatively civilized county of Mendocino and it was such a nice weekend - being away from the city and from work for 2 days. My camera chose to die after the first day, so these are some pictures of the beautiful Russian Gulch state park and our hiking adventures there!

The bridge is really spectacular and spans across this little inlet:

Of course we needed to take a group picture with 50% of it being the ground. My camera was perched on Kevin's backpack because our first attempt to hang it from the tree branch failed (see below):

And as we skipped past patches of poison oak (legitimately thought this was a made-up plant), we landed up at a beautiful little waterfall:

This is what makes California for me: we drove 3 hours out of the city and landed in NATURE and sheer gorgeousness. We stayed in a weird little campsite, but cooked our Costco food and it was just so peaceful and unreal to be sleeping out in the open under the stars.

Ending with my favorite picture of the trip:

May you have many beautiful and transcendent experiences this week!

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