August 14, 2013

Fall uniform

Some startling points of note: 1) dear God how on earth is it already August, 2) when will San Francisco start finally experiencing some SUMMER, 3) yes this is a post about Fall dressing when it seems like summer just started yesterday.

And the saddest point of all: 4) yes I've already started wearing this outfit repeatedly to work. In the summer. Oh, San Francisco.

It started with an innocent pair of boots. They were tan, buttery soft, and the epitome of what I had envisioned to be the perfect pair of tall riding boots. They were also by Corso Como and at Crossroads for a ridiculous $40. I promptly grabbed it off the shelf and clutched it anxiously to myself (while darting my eyes left to right in case some aggressive shopper decided to rip it out of my hands) (we shoppers are crazy folk).

Since then I have not taken them off, except when showering and sleeping.

fall uniform

Pictured: Topshop cream cardigan ($96), black tights (I like Uniqlo's Heattech ones but they aren't in stores yet), Forever 21 boots ($40), Uniqlo silk dress ($70), Madewell tote ($168), Michael Kors watch ($250)

Firstly I have to say that I own that Uniqlo dress and love it to pieces. I would wear it everyday if I could. I sized up because of my pesky child-bearing hips, but the silk is divine and it travels remarkably well. That Topshop cardigan pictured is THE definition of the perfect boyfriend/ fisherman/ slouchy sweater and I behoove everyone to go out and purchase one similar to this RIGHT NOW.

Accessories: you can get the Madewell tote monogrammed (how adorable is that), and the Michael Kors watch is a staple. I've been wearing my hair in a low ponytail (I mean I say this like I wear my hair any other way...) and just focused on glowy cheeks. I've been loving Benefit's Watts Up highlighter on my cheeks - I received a mini version in my birthday gift from Sephora and I don't think I will ever finish it up; I've used mine everyday for 3 weeks now and there's barely a dent.

I have literally worn a version of this uniform EVERYDAY for the past week. It's been great breaking out all of my shorter shift dresses which I can't wear in regular time because my height makes most things I wear look rather ridiculous and disproportionate, but with tights and calf-lengthening boots it all works quite well together.

I do believe the one biggest thing I will miss most if I do get deported back to Singapore is being able to wear boots. Leather is a thing of beauty guys.

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