August 7, 2013

Currently Obsessed: Dainty Jewelry

It's been absolutely berserk lately around here. Work has been very very fulfilling, but also halfway crazed, and I'm also trying to kickstart my freelancing editing business (hire me! I do fast and affordable work), and dealing with the possible BART strike, etc etc.

In my time of distressed busyness, I think the only recourse is SHOPPING, and more specifically - JEWELRY. In the past I've gravitated towards large statement pieces, but now I'm leaning more towards a daintier, slighter aesthetic:

Top: Dogeared wishbone necklace, ASOS arrow necklace, HL Collection initial necklace
Bottom: Kate Miss bronze crescent necklace, Kris P Studio sterling bar necklace, ASOS ditsy triangle necklace

I love how they add a little interest and sparkle without being too over the top and crazy - especially when working at the store I tend to forget to accessorize because most of my accessories are inappropriate for a store setting!

Alrighty back to work. It's hard balancing everything I want to do (metalsmithing! baking classes! jewelry making! poetry writing! life-living!!) with everything I want to accomplish - does that strange imbalance make sense to anyone else?

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