July 5, 2013

One Thing This Week: Peach picking!

After I saw Rebecca's Instagram photo of her peach picking trip, I couldn't get the idea of picking fruit out of my mind. And so on my first day off, we went!!

The most interesting thing I learned on this peach picking adventure is that: peaches are grown on trees.
This was actually a surprise to me. I did not expect peaches to be grown on trees that were taller than me!! But then again... I've never really thought about where peaches came from. So there's that, I guess.

We went to a farm in Brentwood, and paid about $1.50/ pound which is pretty pricey considering we drove for 1h to get to the farm and Safeway is selling peaches for like $0.75/lb or something like that. But the people we met were absolute darlings and threw in a couple of peaches for the road. Plus we did get to choose our own (and discovered that Dan is quite bad at choosing good fruit. Objectively speaking.) We got a mix of white peaches (my absolute favorite summer fruit) and yellow peaches...and we did something extremely delicious with them. To be shown in a post next week!

p/s Also, first post with my new camera! I'm in love... why did I not switch out sooner. Best birthday gift ever.

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