July 8, 2013

One Thing Last Week: Fourth of July celebrations

Baking's one of Ju Ju's first loves (and I just like picking fruit and then eating desserts), so to celebrate the glorious day of America's independence, we decided to bake a peach cobbler!

And guys, when we say we baked our peach cobbler from scratch, we really mean we-picked-our-peaches-from-a-farm-and-baked-it-into-a-cobbler scratch. No one can accuse us of being less than dedicated to our baking cause.

Our peaches began their simple life on a farm in Brentwood, California, until we triumphantly ripped them off their trees and mixed them in with some minute tapioca, sugar, cinnamon, and some other things I do not remember.

The journey begins:

While they were baking, we decided that there was no point in wasting a good pre-heated oven, and stuffed some s'mores in there:

And they emerged GLORIOUS and bubbling with caramel goodness and Love for All:

(Except for Daniel, who looks like he was trying to get away with an entire s'more in his mouth before Ju Ju and I noticed.) (Which we did.)

And now we present to you, in our Americana glory:


And then we trooped down to the waterfront and joined the millions of Americans (and pseudo-Americans, like us) to participate in a truly spectacular fireworks display over the San Francisco Bay. It seemed to go on forever in a blaze of sparkly glory while patriotic music boomed below.

It was a beautiful day. And I just had more peach cobbler for dinner dessert, and so really this is the fourth of July gift that keeps on giving. Have a great week ahead!

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