July 15, 2013

One Thing 2 Weeks Ago: I turned 23!

So I guess nothing very exciting happened last week. Meep. But TWO weeks ago - oh the excitement!! I turned 23 and while it was not the glorious coming of age I have always imagined, it was just simple and sweet. Beyond receiving buckets of texts, Whatsapps, and Facebook posts/ messages, really the nicest thing about my birthday was getting back in touch with people I hadn't spoken to in a while.

Dan brought me out to The House, which is an Asian fusion type place and has an obscene number of stars and reviews on Yelp. And so it begins with an empty place setting and an adorable placemat:

Then came our fantastically designed appetizers - a tuna tartare and some mussels in a laksa-like sauce. Both were phenomenally delicious. Ignore the odd hand. 

The stars of the show were the entrees though - here is Dan very pleased with his sea bass, an Asian Taking Photos photo, and then... my black cod and sliced sushi rolls. I am drooling just looking at these pictures!! It is breaking my heart that I am not tasting the cod in my mouth at this very moment.

The mandatory Birthday Girl picture with me in the mustard Kate Spade dress I wore for graduation and which my mum bought for me under duress of wearing it for my birthday. This picture is for you, mum. And accompanied with a truly delicious chocolate torte with caramel ice cream.

All in all, I think the older you grow the more you realize how little the world revolves around you. It's a sobering thought to say the least, and one that I try to remind myself of everyday (...now I sound like a selfish princess but You Know What I Mean). I was deeply unhappy for a while because of all these expectations that I had placed on the day but the sad truth is that you will never mean more to anyone than yourself, and you cannot substitute self-love in pursuit of another person's love for you. The thing I think that aggravated me the most was that it was such a normal day, and nothing felt particularly special even though I! Was! Born! 23! Years! Ago!!

But I think there's something to be said about having a life so beautiful (in all its loveliness and weariness and teeth-wrenchingly frustrating moments) that a birthday can pass like a "normal" day. And that's all the philosophizing I can do right now.

In sum: eat at The House. It completely deserves its billions of stars on Yelp and I had a really phenomenal birthday meal there!!

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