July 17, 2013

New shopping principle: closet holes

After coming off a month-long shopping ban and receiving a larger-than-usual paycheck (after a VERY stressful 2 weeks of a ridiculous amount of overtime), I went a little mad at Madewell and Zara, and was left afterwards feeling horribly guilty.

When I was holed up at home with a terrific throat infection though, I was browsing blogs and came across Blue Paper Lanterns, which is Kimmie's blog about living on a $600 annual clothing budget, and was just completely blown away. And then when I saw her post about closet holes - it just hit me as a good principle to abide by in my future shopping, and I started thinking about the holes in my closet.

It's basically: don't shop for stuff you don't need. Figure out what you do, and then only look out for good deals on those items. Here are mine:

Closet Holes

1. Black structured bag large enough to fit my resume folder
I have a beautiful tan J.Crew bag that Dan gave me for my birthday last year, and have received so many compliments on it. But I've been wearing a lot more black to interviews lately, and really need a professional, black structured bag to fit my resume binder in. My parents are getting me a fancy designer purse as my graduation present next year when we visit France (I'm looking at the Givenchy Antigona or the YSL Cabas ChYc - the old version) but in the meantime I threw this Zara bag into my last online order and am hoping it'll work out for now!

2. Black ankle boots
Dan got me the Sam Edelmans that I've had my eye on for my birthday, but I'm looking at getting a black pair so I can wear them when I'm in the store. I like these from ASOS, but I'm also looking for something a little cheaper.

3. Non-basic blazer
My wine-colored blazer from Cotton On is one of my most-worn items in my closet, and I'm interested in getting a patterned blazer for interviews - this floral blazer from ASOS fits the bill perfectly, but I don't know if it's chic enough for Fall interviews because, not going to lie, pretty sure I'm going to be interviewing through next year. Sigh.

4. Maxi skirt
This pin got me hooked. So casual, chic, and perfectly summer. This skirt's from Whistles, via ASOS, but it's a little too expensive, but it's exactly the look I want in a maxi skirt (plus it has pockets!)

5. Simple necklace
Starting to get more into simple jewelry, like this beautiful (and OOS) one from Kate Miss. I want to get one that supports a local artist or is from Etsy - even though it might be cheaper to get from a mass retailer, I want to start supporting artists that inspire me.

6. Black cropped pants for work
The Forever 21 pants I love dearly are OOS on the website and I spilled paint on my existing ones, so I need to find a new pair, stat. Black cropped pants are basically my work closet staple. This picture is the J Crew Minnie Pants, but J Crew pant sizing works weird on me so I'm on the look out for something else!

What are your closet holes?

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  1. My closet hole is totally a basic, black bag too! Except mine needs to work for both work & travel!

    I've looked EVERYWHERE - highend and lowend - but I just can't seem to find one that fits perfectly!

    Previously, I used to have a DKNY-esque black bag with zillions of useful compartments & which was classy enough to work for both day & night but alas I used it so much whilst studying abroad (basically never left my side to be honest) that it's worn down now! Completely broke after my last trip to Taiwan!

    Good luck with the interviews! Rooting for you from over here!