July 27, 2013

June Favorites

This post was sitting in my drafts folder and I had completely forgotten about it! Guess this is the week for some June catch up posts.

This month was not one filled with many new products but a lot of really really great memories. Here are a couple of my absolute favorites last month:

1. Duvet covers from Ikea and 2. Ridiculously high thread count bedsheets
I haven't changed out my sheets in forever, even though I bought these bedsheets a while back. They are incredibly luxurious and basically make me feel like I'm sleeping amongst the clouds. I highly recommend splurging (and to be honest, I bought these sheets at an outdoor market. They cost me $30 and are truly magical. My only regret is not buying more) on nice sheets because it makes such a huge difference!

3. Meals with friends
Picture above, dinner with Jeff at Outerlands, which is now one of my favorite restaurants in San Francisco. Just really fresh, clean food beautifully plated in the most surprising of ways. That grassy looking dish at the top is carrots with Greek yogurt, honey, and oats... and it was freaking. delicious. Definite must-visit if you live in the Bay.

But beyond extremely good food (other places I've visited this month include BUILD, a pizza place in Berkeley, with Carrie, and Woodhouse Fish Company with Elaine) - one of the best things this month is spending meal times with some of my favorite people. I don't think I've met Jeff since he graduated or Carrie since I've graduated, so it's always nice to catch up and share some yummy food.

One day when I'm like all grown up and stuff, I will host lovely dinner parties (this is, actually, a real dream - to move into a place where I can invite friends over to hang out and eat together in a very idealized adult world type situation) and basically become Gertrude Stein.

4. Walking tour of Downtown San Francisco
Dan and I went on a free walking tour of SF's Financial District, also known as the place I have sold my soul and life to. And it was just super marvelous. I am a huge, huge fan of the San Francisco City Guides (Gerald and I go on one every time he visits and between us we've managed to cover most of the neighborhoods in the city). They're basically free city tours, with an option to tip at the end, and cover history, architecture, and general gossip.

I think it's so rare to take the time to actually think about the city that you live in. The more familiar a place becomes, the less you feel like you have to actually get to know it. I walk the same route from my office to the store almost every single day, and yet my eyes were opened to the history and just strange facts about the buildings that I walk past without thinking.

These pictures are of some of my favorite architectural detail, including the Banana Republic flagship store, a medieval lobby, and some medieval detail on a building. The hashtag that I would use to sum up this experience is #lookup. This city is beautiful and I fall in love with it a little bit more everyday.

5. Work
It's hard to entangle my feelings about work from my feelings about working in general. In sum, June was absolutely insane. I worked 3 weekends in a row and now I am so confused about my schedule, but my work life this month has included: fixing up an snow ice cart machine, meeting a politician and being on the "corporation" side of the nonprofit funding equation, and coordinating a national TV segment!

There are those days where I'm tearing my hair out in frustration and then there are those days where I leave the office thinking "I have the Best Job Ever Yay." Whatever may come out of this, I am so thankful to have had these experiences in my working life.

That's it for a long and rambly June Favorites! Happy weekend!

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