June 16, 2013

Top reading picks for the week!

I've been reading a ton lately (what else is new really), and have been really enjoying and learning a lot from some of them. Others... not so much - I get through around 10 books a week, give or take a couple (this is sadly not an exaggeration; I've been raiding the Berkeley Public Library), so this really is the best of the best!

This book is pitched at entrepreneurs and start ups, but I think its concepts apply to many things, including marketing, blogging, and life in general. Huge claims. It breaks down the process of bringing a product to market, identifying what kinds of metrics you should be tracking, and how to define success. There's also a bunch of case studies in there and just generally cool insight for anyone who's interested in innovation. The most compelling (and popular) idea in the book is the Minimum Viable Product, where you use customer feedback as an integral part of development. Having worked at a start up, it's been really interesting to see how my CEO uses Ries' ideas and how I had internalized a lot of it even though I had never read the book!

Daily: The Skimm
This is, hands down, the best way to get news in the morning. I load the email on my phone and read it crushed up between sweaty commuters on the BART. It's written in a very accessible (and snarky) voice and very efficiently breaks down key issues. I've become a LOT more informed since subscribing, and it's really one of those emails I always open to read everyday. Sign up for it here!

Side story: the first time I read Harry Potter I couldn't get enough. Same for The Hunger Games - I read all 3 books in a single night and ended up sleeping at 5am the night before a VERY big interview. I got the exact same feeling while reading Divergent.

(Apparently movie execs felt the same way, because it's being filmed as a movie right now, starring Shailene Woodley. Who would not have been my first pick for Tris, but oh well)

It is SO GOOD. If you loved The Hunger Games and dystopic fiction in general, you will absolutely love this book. Tris is such a strong female character, and there are so many plot twists (and of course a cute boy in the mix) that it makes for a very compelling story. It's also written very well, which is really more than I can say for a lot of YA dystopic fiction today. Two thumbs up and yes I'm chewing my fingernails down for the release of Allegiant (3rd book) this October.

Have a great week ahead!

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  1. ooOoOoOooo I will have to check these out! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls