June 29, 2013

Happy early birthday to me

Yesterday I did a very un-Gen like thing. As some of you might know, I've been on a pretty tight budget these couple of months while living off intern pay and intern pay alone. I spent a ton of money in April and May when I had family and friends visiting SF, and dramatically scaled down my expenditure this month to compensate for that... and also commenced a SHOPPING BAN. Against all odds, I have actually been successful (!) and haven't bought a single non-essential/ non-food or transport related item all of June.

But yesterday, in a stroke of shiny luck, I was on Facebook and saw a fancy camera being listed for a fairly affordable price (and significantly under market value). And so, I went for it. Presenting - my new Nikon P510!!

As a caveat, I did not take these shots with my camera obvi, I used my trusty iPhone 5. So far I really like it. It looks like a fancy camera, but is smaller than a DSLR and has all these handy auto-set functions. A professional photographer I am most definitely not, and I have almost no desire to learn how to fiddle with apertures and all of that fun stuff, but I did want a better camera to take nice pictures for my blog and to share with my family.

Even though my fancy camera fund only has a grand total of $10 (I'm a great saver, as you can tell), I think this was a great bargain and I'm really loving fiddling around with the features and this is basically a combination congratulations on surviving the whole of June without buying clothes!! and happy early birthday you survived the past terrible year!! type gift to myself.

Well then. Off to work I go.

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