June 10, 2013

Fancy family photos

When my family came over for graduation, we grabbed the opportunity to take some family photos to celebrate my parents' 15th anniversary and to get some lovely pictures of Cal (and of me in my cap and gown)! Adi Nevo was our photographer and she was incredibly lovely and so professional - I felt a little bit like a movie star, and am really in love with the photos she took.

Here are some of my favorites (and yes, there are many):

We took pictures all over campus and we managed to capture some of my favorite places - in front of the music library, Haas, the little wooded area that I used to walk through on the way to Pimental for Physics for Future Presidents. When I look at these photos I remember all the little areas of Cal - the spaces I used to go to just breathe for a little while - that have a special place in my heart. It was so nice to introduce my family to my favorite areas. And also - danggg my hair has never looked so good ;)

If you're in the LA/ Bay Area and looking for a photographer I highly recommend Adi! She was so great and I love her light-filled photos. She was a little pricey, but I think it was all well worth it when I look at these images. They capture so much of my family and they are possibly my favorite pictures EVER.

Happy Monday y'all! Great times ahead, I have to believe it.

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