June 8, 2013


Lately I've been trying to eat more healthily - though when my family came to visit they also brought along a massive amount of snacks from Marks & Spencer's (one of the many perks of having a brother who lives in the UK), so that hasn't been going so well. But I think I'm doing pretty well with breakfast!! I've been really into yogurt and granola, and I think it does a really great job of filling me up and giving me some good nutrients to start the day off right.

What I've been eating a lot lately:

Clockwise, from top right: Open Nature Strawberry Vanilla Splendor Granola, Busy Bee Organic Honey, Fage Total Greek Yogurt, Saint Benoit Yogurt in the Honey flavor

I also love the Yoplait yogurts for another breakfast option and the Yoplait YoCrunch Oreo yogurts for a midday snack, but they're not featured because 1) I find the Yoplait yogurts a tad too sweet and the fat free/ low-fat versions taste weird, and 2) Oreo isn't exactly the healthiest of snacks.

My all-time favorite yogurt, though, is the yogurt from Saint Benoit Creamery up in Sonoma. Their honey flavor is mindblowingly delicious and that jar is just the most adorable container for some faux-French goodness. I first learned about them when I was at the Monterey Bay Aquarium with my family on our Southern California roadtrip and the Aquarium was having some Whole Foods tie-up and we got a whole bunch of samples. The bad part about this is that it can be only found in Whole Foods, and is SO expensive, $3 for that little jar PLUS a $1.50 container deposit you only get back when you return it. Whole Foods is a little too far for me and way out of my struggling intern price range, so I only buy this a couple of jars at a time and try to eke out every last bit of it by splitting it into 2 breakfasts (I sometimes eat it with strawberries so it's a little more filling).

So more often than not, I eat my Fage yogurt. Greek yogurt is supposed to have tons of health benefits and to be better than regular yogurt. I don't really like the taste of Greek yogurt alone, but it is absolutely delicious with honey and my all-time favorite granola from Safeway!! It has dried strawberries and is around $4 (Safeway had a 2 for $6 deal last week so I stocked up). SO good. I HIGHLY recommend.

Trying to be more accountable with my food choices and to cut down on sugar and cookies, so I'll probably be posting a few more of these on the blog as I continue working on my diet and fulfilling resolution 2!

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