May 6, 2013

One Thing Last Week: Our first NBA Playoffs Game

Dan and I had a conversation last Thursday that went something along the lines of:
Dan: The Warriors have an elimination game tomorrow and we might actually win and get through to the next round
Gen (reading In Style): Mmmm
Dan: Would you go with me to the game tomorrow if I bought your ticket?
Gen: I would rather you buy me the Sam Edelman Petty boots I'm currently obsessing over.
The next day just as I'm leaving work in SF, Dan calls me to say that he bought us tickets to the Warriors game and I better be prepared to yell loudly.

I have to say... I was pretty disappointed he chose the tickets over the boots. But the minute we got into the Oracle Arena, I changed my mind. The crowd was just great. So passionate, really high energy - it was an amazing experience and I'm so glad Dan made me do it!

Sorry for the pretty crappy pictures. They're from my iPhone and there wasn't the best lighting in the stadium. But we won! After one of the most traumatic 6 minutes of my life, where we lost an 18 point lead and nearly lost the game. It was a super fun experience and if I knew more about basketball I would attempt to comment about the actual game itself. But I'm pretty self-aware and won't even try. Go Warriors!

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