May 29, 2013

One Thing Last Week: Graduation

It's a little odd when people tell me they can't wait to get out of college. Because I wanted to stay in college forever. I LOVED high school/ JC because I finally felt like I found myself, like I could be myself and really learn and grow. In college I learned to stand on my own two feet. I fiercely challenged myself and was so lucky to have found some of the best people to surround myself with. At times I'd never felt so lonely, yet so determined to valiantly carve out my own path.

It is very difficult to explain to someone what being in Berkeley was like. The frenetic energy, the passion to reach beyond yourself to make a difference in the world, the constant demanding pace to be better. But also the quiet moments walking across a wooden bridge surrounded by redwood trees on the way to class. The delighted cry of your name ringing across the courtyard. The complete silence of an 90 minute lecture conducted via PowerPoint to demonstrate the power of the written word.

These are some of the faces who have made my 3.5 years at Cal one of the most fulfilling years of my life. Thank you for the hugs, the long talks, the sleepless nights, the midnight snacks, the tapping of yet another PowerPoint deck being made. You guys have inspired me to push myself harder and be a better version of myself. I cannot wait to see what amazing things the Class of 2013 is going to achieve. Forever a Cal Bear :)

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