May 15, 2013

One Thing Last Week: Academy of Art University Graduate Fashion Show

Last week I had the incredible fortune of attending the Academy of Art University's graduate fashion show and it was such an amazing experience! I took a million pictures because all the collections were really fantastic but unfortunately I am a terrible photographer and models walk really fast. I'll leave it at that. But it was really mind-blowing, the work that goes into a show like this. I sat in the front row (!) and really got a chance to see the intricate detailing. Going to a fashion show is just so different from seeing images on a screen because you get to see the way the clothes move, the details up close, everything about the whole experience.

It was held at the beautiful Palace of Fine Arts and we got a chance to mingle and meet the student designers before the show. Right above is my favorite collection - the most chic dresses with the most interesting cut-outs that made the look sophisticated rather than overly revealing. Just amazing stuff.

That's me and my ticket being all: I'm in the front row!!!! I am famous!!

Ending off with a couple of snaps I got (out of the many, many I took) where the models weren't one giant blur. Loved the knitwear, the shoes in the second picture was really cool - it looked like the designer actually handmade them with colored string, the jacket back in the bottom left corner is to die for, and the bottom right collection was one of my favorites for its wearability and really interesting use of patterns.

Just wanted to pop in to say hi; this is going to be such a crazy week. I want to train myself and work towards complaining less because yes I'm exhausted and yes I'm doing these tasks that would be considered menial by most standards and yes I work absurdly long hours. But I am 99% in love with my job, I do so many things that an intern at another place would never get the chance to do, and everyday I am challenged by something new and exciting. There's really nothing more I could ask for. Happy Wednesday y'all, I'm off to bed.

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