May 26, 2013

Currently Obsessed: Ankle Boots

The last of my family just left my apartment so I've been moping around. The apartment feels so quiet and empty now, and even though when they were here, I just really wanted some time to myself to recuperate from graduation and crazy work and traveling, it just feels a little lonely now that I'm all alone again. Everyone has left Berkeley so I'm just by my lonesome self. Everything hasn't really hit me yet, but I imagine it will at a terribly inconvenient time.

Back to blogging though - I have a ton of photos to share with you from graduation and my short Southern California road trip with my family (sneak peeks on my Instagram!), but lately I've been totally obsessing over ANKLE BOOTS. It seems like every cool girl in San Francisco has a pair! Here are my top picks:

ankle boots

From top: Sam Edelman Petty Boots in Putty ($130), Steve Madden Remingtn Bootie ($96), Madden Girl Krespo Boot ($48)

A bunch of my co-workers have the Sam Edelmans and I've tried them on and loved them, but I don't know if they're worth the $130. The heel height is absolutely perfect, but I'm still unsure how this style of ankle boot will suit pants (I can see them looking super cool with dresses and skirts). The other 2 are pretty similar but significantly cheaper, but I'm not sure how they will hold up. The Steve Maddens are so cool though, with that glint of gold at the heel - though I'm a little confused about the vowel decision on that name.

So, thoughts? Should I get the Sam Edelmans or hold out for some of the other items on my wishlist?

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