May 4, 2013

April Favorites

Guys, it's May. How on earth did that happen?? I'm jumping back into the blogging game because no matter how much I love my jobs, I need space for myself. I've been so exhausted from work lately - my usual nightly routine is come home from work, fall onto my couch/ bed, end up asleep without dinner. This week especially, I haven't been cooking as much as I'd like to because I've been falling asleep straight after work!

And also, I miss you guys and this space. I love writing and taking pictures and so I've decided to deliberately carve out time to spend time on this lovely little space of mine. Kicking off with April Favorites!

1. H&M tweed motorcycle jacket, on sale for $8
Yes, you did not read that wrong. This beauty was a whopping $8 because H&M is currently having a 50% off sale items sale! It's so old it's not even on the website anymore, but I've been loving it this week as the weather's been heating up. I feel extra Olivia Palermo-like in it (no matter how obnoxious she might have come across on The City, dang that girl can dress) and it goes with everything! I only bought it last week so it should still be in stores.

I'm wearing it over my first designer (!) dress from Rebecca Taylor, which I will wax lyrical about in a separate post, but I'm in love and going back to Forever 21 will be hard for me. That is all.

2. Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm Stains
Y'all, I love these so much I ran out and bought them in 3 colors. From left: Rendevous, Honey, and Romantic.

My favorite is Romantic - it's the perfect subtle brick red. You know I love me a red lip. This is so easy because it goes on as a moisturizing lip balm and stains your lips a subtle red for the entire day. I usually only reapply this once after lunch and it's good to go! It can be a little drying though, especially for dry lips like mine, but a slick of regular lip balm over it solves that problem. Honey is a my-lips-but-better type of color. I hate it when my lips are washed out so this is perfect for everyday. It also has a tinge of berry-plum that I can see myself really enjoying next Fall! Rendenvous was the one I had the most trouble with - the orange coral just does NOT work with my skin tone, no matter how desperately I want it to! I've found it works best with the Revlon lip butter in Tutti Frutti over, and is a great coral once the initial jolt of color has worn off.

Walgreen's is having a Buy One Get One 50% off deal for Revlon right now - go!

3. Real Techniques Stippling Brush, and 4. Topshop Neon Rose cream blush
I got this Topshop blush for free last year when I attended one of the Topshop summer pop up store pool parties in New York, and never for the life of me could figure out how to apply it. It's an obnoxious bright pink in the pan and using my fingers left streaks on my cheeks.

Enter the Real Techniques Stippling brush, which is the best stippling brush ever. The bristles are super short for maximum control, and it deposits the perfect amount of cream blush on my cheeks. It's also $10 at Ulta, which basically makes it perfect. And now that my blush works correctly, it is just so beautiful. Gives my cheeks the perfect flush and I've been wearing it with Honey for a natural makeup look that I'm really loving.

5. Haribo Peaches gummy candy!
I have to end off April favorites with this because I've gone through this like WATER. It's awful, but I can't be upset because it is so delicious and hey, it's fat free. Walgreen's (can you tell there are 3 Walgreen's within a one block radius from my office...) was having a 2 for $3 sale (unfortunately, that sale is no more, but this still clocks in under a respectable $2) and I'm ADDICTED. Too good.

Happy May!

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  1. Hi Gen! I'm so thrilled you're back to posting! I am covering that tweed jacket!! $8 is insane - one of many reasons I need to move to the US asap!

    Also, I love Olivia Palermo! She was mean on The City but she had the best style I thought!