February 12, 2013

Jan 2013 Favorites

Hello again! I blipped off the face of blog-earth while I got some family/ friend time on. I'm back in Berkeley and missing everyone in Singapore very very dearly. I've been very snap-happy with my new iPhone (fancehhh) so I just need to edit and upload all those pictures to update you guys on all the adventures I had in Singapore (MANY) - I had such a great time meeting up with everyone, crafting, going on Artistic Adventures. Really glad I made it a priority to make time for my family and my friends instead of working all day errday (you know how I can get once I start working - I don't stop. Ever.); it was such a relaxing, fun time.

Anywho, it's February! (and has been for the past 12 days; I know, I'm a little behind/ in denial). Here to share some Jan 2013 product favourites because I was shopping a LOT in Singapore. There were a lot of sales. I couldn't help myself.

Jan 2013 Faves

Clockwise: Rachel K CC Cream, Mango pink neon tweed shift dress, YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat, Old Navy fuzzy socks, River Island lace up booties, Aesop Parsley Seed cleansing mask

Rachel K CC Cream in Neutral (US$39/ SG$30/ MRT 49): So, first things first - how lame is the weird pricing?? I thought paying $30 for a foundation from the drugstore was astronomical (I have a very low price threshold for drugstore products), but it's crazy that it's US$39 on their website, excluding shipping! Kids, go to Malaysia to get this foundation. I got mine for ~$20SGD, which is approximately US$15. The cost of a return bus trip to Johor Bahru is ~SG$5. This is pricing arbitrage at its finest.

Moving on. I've actually been really liking this foundation. It's a CC cream, which means it's supposed to be all fancy BB cream and do a ton of stuff, including: moisturize, whiten, anti-wrinkle and color-correct. It has SPF 35 PA++, and comes in 2 shades, neutral (more yellow-based) and original (more pink-based). I use the neutral, and I think it actually shade-matches a little because it looks way too light in the tube but a pretty good color match on my face. Maybe that means I think I'm tanner than I am?! I like how lightweight it is on my skin and how it covers up some discolorations (pimples, dark eye circles). The effect is very subtle but I find that it makes my skin tone more even and gives me a soft glow.

However, I never really get outbreaks, and I've been getting a couple of pimples on my face lately, which is troubling, to say the least. I have also been eating more oily food (chili crab! fried carrot cake! pineapple tarts!) in sad preparation for my deprivation in Berkeley AND I've been putting my skin under pretty harsh conditions (blazing sun in Singapore, biting cold wind in Berkeley, meh air in airplanes and airports), so I don't know if this cream is causing me to break out or my poor lifestyle habits. To be updated. But for now, I love this.

Mango pink neon tweed dress (US$48 on ASOS, SG$30 in-store sale): This was one of the dresses I bought in my crazy Mango sale dress binge. I love this. It is short, flirty, chic, and I love how the shoulders cut in a little. I hate pink, but the neon pink tweed is amazing and has strands of black running through it. I bought mine a size up and tailored it to fit better, and it is the perfect date dress.

YSL Le Teint Touche Eclat (US$55): I've been looking for a new foundation while waiting for my skin to pale sufficiently so that I can use my favorite Nars tinted moisturizer. I got matched in the YSL makeup standalone store in Orchard Ion in Singapore in the shade B30, and it is THE perfect match for my skin tone now. I love how subtly illuminating it is, how light it feels on my skin, and how great a color match it is along with my Touche Eclat illuminating pen.

BUT the price hurts my heart y'all. I'm down to spend money on skincare and makeup, but I live in permanent fear of my face becoming tanner/ paler, and spending that much money on a foundation that will not match me 6 months out of the year is just way too risky for me (Nars tinted moisturizer, sob). I was watching Miss Glamorazzi's Youtube review on the Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and it is apparently a great dupe for the YSL foundation, so I'm going to try that after my sample from YSL runs out.

Old Navy fuzzy socks (US$2): Okay, I kind of cheated a little on this and it really is more of a Feb 2013 favorite than a Jan 2013 favorite, seeing as I spent Jan 2013 in blazing heat, but I wore this pair on the plane on the way home and it kept my toes warm and toasty. It was also the best thing to look down and see a little bear smiling up at me. I think it's sold out right now, but Old Navy always has a ton of cute fuzzy socks and they are so warm and cheap.

River Island lace-up boots (US$62 on ASOS, £35 on RiverIsland.com): One night I was up surfing the interwebs and suddenly thought to myself: I NEED SOME BROWN LACE-UP DESERT BOOTIES. This is the kind of thing I think of in the middle of the night. No shame. So I went on this mad brown bootie searching frenzy, and the only shoe I could find that fit my criteria was THIS SHOE. I even searched for River Island stores in Singapore (sadly a British high street brand that has left our sunny shores) and ended up wanting this pair of shoes so much that I bought it off the UK River Island website and paid £5 for shipping to the US. And of course I had to make shipping worth it so I threw in another pair of shoes and a grey shirtdress.

Hi, my name is Gen and I am a shopping addict.

I just got back yesterday and tried them on and I am freaking IN LOVE. I loved them on the site, but in person they are this soft suedey brown and have gold tipped laces. They are higher than I thought they would be and look almost Jeffrey Campbell Aubrey-like because they also have a hidden platform. There's a darker leather-like strip that runs up the back of the shoe and really lengthens the leg. And so hopefully I will wear this pair of shoes more than once because I really do love them.

Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask (SG$50 in-store, US$37): I've been reading rave reviews about this mask from beauty bloggers, so when I passed an Aesop store enroute home after tea with my mom, I had to duck in and ask for a sample. My mom ended up loving the smell and its all-natural ingredient list and bought the mask and a cream cleanser on the spot (what can I say, my shopping genes must come from somewhere).

It is the gentlest clay cleansing mask I've used (I've tried the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, Origins' Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask, Glam Glow Tingling and Exfoliating Mask) - this is by far my favorite. My face feels softly cleansed and not scratched out (Glam Glow) or tugged weird (Boscia). Tragically my full-sized tube is now residing back home in Singapore with my mom and I might have to hustle to an Aesop in the US to get a tube for myself.

That's it! A longgg post on the stuff I loved in Jan 2013. Anything you loved in Jan 2013 and want to share? Comment below!