January 31, 2013

Art exhibitions at the Esplanade

Hello all! Popping in with some posts on the exhibits I've been visiting this past month in Singapore. Isn't is crazy how it's already February?!

I really love the visual arts curation at the Esplanade- I think the VA programmers do a great job pulling visually interesting pieces to activate the awkward spaces that the Esplanade has assigned to visual arts, and they're usually very accessible pieces as well.

Dan and I went to the Esplanade to check out their visual arts exhibitions on our way to the Art Science Museum at Marina Bay Sands (post to come!) and I really fell in love with the exhibition at Jendela and the concourse.

At Jendela - The Breath of a Blade, by Tay Bak Chiang. He was inspired by wuxia novels, which are novels about martial artists and their adventures traveling through the countryside. Photography wasn't allowed, so I couldn't take pictures of my favorite pieces, but these are some images I've found online:

 photo breathofablade2_zps2a4b90a6.jpeg
 photo breathofablade_zps966c16a5.png

They're very simple pieces, mostly, done with ink on canvas or bronzed paint on canvas. But their scale is massive, and they are rather imposing pieces of art. One of the pieces depicts a longer rock balancing on a shorter rock, joined only at a single point, and that was really quite a breathtaking piece. My other favorite was the "flying blades" piece, which Dan thought was nonsense, but I thought was absolutely brilliant and conveyed so much movement. Maybe that makes me a weird *art* person?

I think my aesthetic is changing because I would never have liked such an overtly Asian-inspired exhibition before!

And in the concourse - Wind on My Wings, by Teo Huey Ling.

This one was an easy piece to love. I really like how the birds really energized the concourse space because they are positioned above your head and look like they are swooping down in a pack, and how the bird sculptures are perforated so they look less opaque and flat.

The Breath of a Blade runs until 24 Feb, 2013. Wind on My Wings runs until 31 March, 2013. Great exhibits to check out pre-concert at Esplanade; free!

Pictures from Tay Bak Chiang's Facebook page, Art Info, and my camera.

January 21, 2013

Brand new blog for a brand new year

Some of you might know me from my 2 year foray into blogging via my college-era blog, To Wit. While I loved the posts I wrote for that blog, I always felt like I was muddling along and making things up as I went along. I've recently graduated from college and am trying to find my place in the world - hence a new blog.

After a six month break from blogging, I've decided to pare down and focus on living creatively. One of my biggest resolutions this year is to explore new creative interests, and I want to document all of that on Birdwristed - I'm taking up knitting, Copperplate calligraphy, and going to also try my hand at letterpress printing and rubber stamping in the next quarter. I'm not the best at DIYs or even the most artistic person, but I want to share what inspires me and all the wonderful, creative adventures that I will (hopefully) be up to this year. Join me on this journey!

Instagram photo of the buttons I got from the Handmade Movement craft fair last weekend.